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Quick Escape – Sun, Surf & Springbrook

springbrook npEveryday life in summer causes air conditioning overload. It’s at work, in your car and at home. But it’s necessary to get through the Queensland summer. My skin however, often cries out for warmth and sometimes a quick getaway in search of sun is just the pick me up needed!

Three days doesn’t sound like long enough for a holiday, and it isn’t really, but when you can’t take more than a long weekend off work or have a limited budget it can be just enough of a break to rejuvenate and get away from everyday life.

I never need much of an excuse to head to the beach but spending time with family is always a good one.

The Gold Coast has some amazing beaches and this trip lead us to runaway bay which does not disappoint.

sun surf and springbrook 2One of my favourite things about looking out towards the ocean is the colours. The combinations of the deep blues and greens merging together and connecting to the bright blue and white of the sky.

My other favourite thing is the oceans vastness. It seems to put the world in perspective and with it’s never ending horizon I am reminded of how large the world is and what other opportunities and experiences are waiting. Problems do not seem to exist at the beach.

sun surf and springbrookA half day trip to Springbrook National Park left me feeling very unfit. After walking down to the bottom of Purling Brook Falls, work on the track left us walking back up the 260 stairs. Sense of accomplishment, tick!

spring brookA bit of time spent in nature, amongst the coolness of the trees combined with the crystal clear water of the ocean and a few sneaky beers in the spa at the apartment left me with a very successful mini holiday not even 2 hours away from home.

springbrookReality starts again tomorrow!

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