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Venice – Let’s talk about food.

venice coverGetting off the train in Venice and walking outside meeting the great canal I felt a bit like I was in a movie – it is depicted exactly as it is.

The beauty of Venice is unlike anywhere else, it has such a unique feel to it. I felt quite amazed to actually be there.

venice 3 venice 1The first night in Venice was spent in a very old church watching a string quartet playing the music of Vivaldi – my favourite composer, and we were in his town.

Venice is the first place I’ve ever really had the feeling that there are just too many people in one place. You have to wait for tourists to take their photos so you can continue to walk across the small bridges that take you over the canals. I found it took away some of the feeling of exploring when wherever you went so did packs of tourists with their earbuds in to make sure they can hear the guide tell another long story about a sign or a stone.

venice 4

venice 2Sometimes Venice seemed like what I imagined a cruise ship to be like. Lots of older people always looking out for a toilet and a chair, content with spending their days over indulging in food and drink. We joined them, seeing what the fuss was about and sat down in the popular San Marco Square, people watching and sipping our 15โ‚ฌ (each) drinks. This was nice, but only once. I quickly realised I did not have the funds to support sitting down and drinking in Venice so we purchased a couple of beers from a stand and indulged ourselves in the thought that Australia with its drinking culture must be one of the only countries where it is illegal to walk around the streets drinking alcohol.

venice 6Now let’s talk food. Some of the best food of my life was eaten in Venice. The first day brought seafood pizza, on the menu already without cheese so there was no awkward conversation about the dairy allergy. Not a lot of topping for our western eyes but nothing else was needed. Italians really do make the best sauce. My mouth is watering remembering it!

My Italian food bucket list began with lots of seafood. Next up was spaghetti vongole, or spaghetti with baby clams. Amazing. Minimal ingredients, intense flavour. Olive oil, garlic and home made pasta. Always served with plenty of crusty bread so you can wipe the plate clean and not waste anything – at least that is what I did!

Next on the Italian food bucket list was squid ink pasta. I was hesitant at first because a black sauce does not look very appetising, but I am so glad I gave it a try. I think it was made better because we went back to the same restaurant with the amazing home made pasta.

venice pastaThis brought about some thoughts as we walked past hundreds of restaurants all offering a similar menu to tourists, why try elsewhere when you have already found the most amazing food?? I also realised that people spend way too much time on trip advisor rather than actually trying things for themselves and they will never eat in an empty restaurant. Both times we ate at ‘Ai Due Vescovi’ we had the place to ourselves. Apparently tourists did not tend to walk down this street at night as it was not as well lit. Too bad everyone else, you are missing out!

Dessert was made by decedent chocolate sorbet from Venchi (again dairy free options), however my sorbet dreams where not reached until Florence, but that’s another story!

Venice - gelato

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