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Exploring Brisbane: South Bank

City From SOuthbank PinkSometimes I think we are guilty of spending so much time wanting to get out and explore the world that we forget about the amazing places just down the road. I know I am guilty of this! I have decided that to overcome this I need to get out and experience what Brisbane has to offer, because really it’s a pretty good place to live.

I think I can and probably will do multiple posts on South Bank as there is just so much going on including endless restaurants and bars to keep you going from breakfast late into the evening. It’s a place that is identified by the bright summer pink bougainvillea along the archways and the police getting about on Segway’s. It is a very multicultural place and sometimes it’s fun to just sit around and people watch in what is fast becoming a tourist mecca.

city from southbank

wheel of brisbaneNot including QPAC to see Wicked earlier this month (ahhhmazing btw), it has been a while since I have been into the city or South Bank. I hate to admit that as I always love venturing in as I feel it is the opportunity to do something different, although if you love food and art you are in for a definite advantage!

My adventure this time was brought upon by the need to visit QUT at Gardens Point to return a library book. Not super exciting but I was intent on making a mundane task into an enjoyable day. On campus life is not for me so I got out of there quick and went to find somewhere more inspiring to study. Lucky the Botanical Gardens are just a step away.

Botanical gardensI love the walk through the Botanical Gardens across the Goodwill Bridge to South Bank. Every time I do it I see a new part of the gardens that I have never been before. Walking along I pass so many joggers, the humidity is ridiculous but it doesn’t seem to worry anyone but it does make me feel a little lazy!

SOuthbankSo what’s the first thing I do? Go to Geláre of course, because in this heat the only food is ice cream! Now I know I can’t eat ice cream because it contains dairy…wrong! They do a vegan dark chocolate gelato made from coconut milk. So creamy you would swear it’s the real stuff!
Today I’m being a uni student so I make toward the nearest bit of grass, pull out my laptop and sit and eat my ice cream. This is actually not too bad and I feel I can get a bit of work done.

Afterwards I am in need of a little creative inspiration and culture so I head to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). The David Lynch exhibit has just opened so I buy my ticket and get ready to be thrown into the world of a creative genius. It did not disappoint. I was taken on an emotional journey, the impact of which I cannot yet fully understand.

cultural centre southbankThere is more to do in South Bank than you can manage in a day. Learning a little at the museum, seeing a cheap movie preferably in cinema 5 (the old IMAX screen) and getting sushi at Ginga. You can walk along the river and maybe take an overpriced ride on the Wheel of Brisbane; amazing view though!

Whenever I have nothing to do I am pretty much guaranteed to find something to inspire me at South Bank, even if it’s just sitting and relaxing on the grass in the sun.

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    March 23, 2015 at 4:20 am

    I love South Bank! It’s been way too long since I’ve visited. I particularly like seeing all the beautiful lights of a night time 🙂

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