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My Top 5 All Time Favourite Movies

Hello Netflix! It’s been a long time coming, but for someone like me who considers watching movies and TV shows a hobby, thank god you’re here!

It is still early days but so far Netflix has delivered exactly what I was looking for, quality movies and TV shows on demand. As their catalogue expands more opportunities will arise for me to ditch productive work in favour of movie marathons!

This has left me thinking, what are my favourite films? The list could potentially be endless with so many movies with the ability to qualify. So in order to narrow it down I decided to subcategorise. With quite a bit of deliberation I have put together a short list of what I believe to be some on the most powerful films that I have seen, the ones that impacted me a little more than most. These movies I have seen many times over and each time I watch them my experience differs a little and I gain something new.

If you haven’t seen all of them, then maybe consider it as inspiration for your next movie night.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Fitzgerald meets Baz Luhrmann, meets Leo! Music & costumes take it to another level. Is there anything about this move not to love? I have never experienced a cinema so still and so silent after a film and I remain that this is one of the most powerful moments in film that I have experienced.

Across the Universe (2007)

The first time I saw this movie was at a cinema in Sydney. I had never heard of it but my cousin took me and a friend along. Best thing I never expected. So powerful and cleverly done. Plus you can’t really go wrong when you’re using music from the Beatles!

The Words (2012)

I hadn’t really viewed Bradley Cooper as a serious actor until I saw this film. One of the best performances I would have to say in this list. I’m not actually sure I can explain to you why this had the impact on me that it did. I guess you will just have to watch and be the judge yourself! I do however have a particular soft spot for stories about struggling and tortured writers.

Titanic (1997)

There are quite a few haters out there for this classic but come on, this movie has everything you could ask for and it defiantly delivers. It is the novel of film.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

I just loved how this movie made me feel while the credits where rolling. It was such a beautifully told story paired with a brilliant acting combination.


As I said in the beginning, so many options but I wanted to keep this list to a top 5.

Happy movie watching!

What is the movie you love to watch over and over again?

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