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My Year as a Wedding Planner

wedding flowersOn April 5th 2014 I got married. We were engaged for just over a year so during that time I went through every stage of wedding planning.

Choosing to do everything myself was something I was excited to do. Never did the thought cross my mind to outsource any of the duties.

weddding usFurther to that, the thought of having a DIY wedding never crossed my mind. I found the association of DIY wedding to be negative and maybe being of poorer quality. I wanted to organise my wedding probably to have greater control over every aspect, but mostly because I wanted to. I didn’t want a stock standard wedding and I knew I had the capabilities to create something that I would love.

Now in saying this I was on a pretty strict budget so everything I did came with the question, ‘so how much does that cost?’

Step one. Research, so much research! I searched Google, Pinterest, read blogs and magazines, all until I had some idea of what a wedding involved. Then I searched more coming up with themes, colours and ideas that would make the day truly represent us.

wedding centrepieceLike any process, once I had the general idea of what I wanted it was time to put it into action. Quickly I discovered ‘wedding on a budget’ was going to require a lot of work. Cake quotes where coming back at $500 plus…there was no way I was going to pay that. So I researched more and found out that The Cheesecake Shop did wedding cakes for less than half the cost! And really who doesn’t love a Cheesecake Shop Chocolate Mud Cake??

wedding cakePinterest was my beacon for inspiration. 1 week before the big day I realised I was yet to organise a seating chart. Enter Pinterest. 5 mins later I was on my way to Kmart to buy a large frame, success at $3.

wedding seating chart

Between EBay, discount stores and Kmart I was able to find everything I needed to create the look I was after. This included sourcing quality silk flowers at a cheaper price from Adelaide to make my bouquets and card stock from America to make my invitations.

wedding dress 4If you want amazing photography there is no way around it. You totally get what you pay for in terms of quality; however, you can defiantly get more value for your money. My amazing photography was done by Ray Williams.

The year gave me enough time to put in the research to ensure I didn’t have to settle for something based entirely on cost but could shop around and get exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted.

Did I mention I only paid $250 for my wedding dress?

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