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Telling A Story Through Jewellery

telling a story through jewelleryJewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession – Harry Winston

The name Harry Winston is enough to send any woman into a diamond daze. He believed that diamonds have the ability to represent the beauty of the individual and can create perfect moments of happiness through signifying love and romance. Like people, no two diamonds are the same.

Every day I hear new and fascinating stories about people and their jewellery. It is my job to listen and my job to sell. To so many people the jewellery they wear is more than just metals and stones; it is an expression of personality or a link to an identity. We have the ability to express ourselves through what we choose to wear and to me there is something very special about this. So to me it’s more than just selling but rather participating in a significant moment in someone’s life and creating the beginnings of stories to be told.

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique – Jennie Kwon

One thing that constantly fascinates me is the link between jewellery and history. Bulgari is a brand we all know and one that has become synonymous with wealth, grace and chic. Over the years the Bulgari brothers became known for being able to preserve the past by making it modern. They developed their style and craft to adapt to changing social and economic climates and the end result was pieces of art that were identifiable throughout history continuing through to today.

Jewellery is something acquired for a reason; an inheritance, a memory or something to represent new love or even an old one. It can be dreamt about and saved for or purchased just because. Whatever the reason I can be certain that the jewellery people wear tells a story and each one is as individual as the person wearing it.

I’m sure my personal story of jewellery begins with me as a child searching through my mother’s jewellery box like it was treasure, wondering where each piece had come from. Jewellery can give us insight into fashion as it moves through trends and constantly provides us with little links to the past.

The sapphire ring I received from my mum for my 21st birthday doesn’t just remind me of that day but of my grandmother, whose earrings gifted from my grandfather, it was made to perfectly match. Wearing sapphires becomes for me a link to my family and a constant reminder of where I came from. That’s a lot of importance to place on such a small object, and that is why the value of jewellery is made up in its story – its challenges and its experiences, and its ability to remind us of the past and of the future.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe

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