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Exploring Brisbane: Scarborough

scarborough red cliffsHaving to find new content each week to write these blog posts can sometimes feel a bit demanding. When this happens I can either let it feel like just another task on my list or I can use it as an excuse to get out of the house and do something interesting. That is what I decided to do this weekend

At this time of year things should be slowing down, but I often feel as though the days get faster and before I know it a new year has arrived. When things start feeling a bit fast I love to take the time to get out of the city and head either into the mountains or towards the ocean. On Saturday, my husband decided to take me out to Scarborough, somewhere he frequents often to fish and somewhere I haven’t really spent any time despite living in Brisbane for 6 years now. This outing also gave me another opportunity to test out my new camera.

When you cross the Hornibrook Bridge, Brisbane stays behind and a coastal town appears, surrounded by the browny-blue water of the bay. It is a little quieter in this part of town making it a great choice when wanting to take a break from the everyday.

A few months ago in one of my epic google searches, I was looking for places to explore in Brisbane and came across the Red Cliffs of Scarborough. I took note and put it in the mental to-do pile. On this occasion when I actually found myself in Scarborough, I completely forgot about their existence.

After driving around, along the edge of the bay watching the sail boats and deciding on what exactly to do, we parked on the side of the road near a staircase that descended to the water. Once at the bottom I remembered the Red Cliffs. Completely by accident I had found them!

ocean scarborough

scarborough steps

scarborough 1

scarborough 2

scarborough 3

splash scarboroughAfter a little while running around the rocks, camera in hand I realised that It was lunch time, and a day relaxing and walking along the water would not be complete without some fish and chips! There are plenty of places to choose from and many picturesque spots along the water to eat.

Scarborough is a great place to spend a relaxing day exploring, swimming and eating along the bay and provides a great opportunity to get outdoors without being overcrowded with people. Being just a short drive from the city I really do not see any reason to not visit again soon.

Where do you love to spend a relaxing weekend?

What suburb in Brisbane should I explore next?

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