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Do’s & Don’ts Of Planning A Budget Wedding

Dos and Donts of a budget weddingHARSH TRUTH: Weddings are expensive, it’s a fact, acknowledge and move on!

With that fact out of the way I am here to tell you that they don’t have to be crazy expensive though! There are plenty of ways to save a few dollars when planning your big day. When people tell me how much they actually spend instantly my mind lists all the other things I could spend that money on, overseas holiday, car, home deposit…you get my point!

I have always thought of myself as being pretty good with money. I don’t spend frivolously and when it came time to plan a wedding I was pretty hesitant to part with my hard earned cash. I just couldn’t begin to understand why they cost so much. With a lot of research and planning I was able to keep costs from ballooning out of control.

Today I thought I would share with you a quick list of things I think are do’s and don’ts when planning your budget wedding.

Do invite less people. Most places charge a total package per head; obvious cost comes when your guest list gets out of control. Really think about each person you invite and honestly work out how many people you can afford to accommodate.

Do make compromises. Want that overseas honeymoon? Choose the less expensive wedding venue. Pick a few things that are really important to you and go for it, everything else you can cut back and stick with cheaper options.

Do use your cake as desert. Honestly most people won’t even eat desert if you pay for it to be served. You are going to have a cake anyway so it just makes sense to cut it up and serve it with some cream and strawberries!

Don’t just rely on friends to provide services unless they are professionals. A family friend’s daughter just bought a camera and wants to use your wedding to practice? Some services are worth paying for to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Don’t blow out the wedding budget on that beautiful designer gown. Yes you look ahhmazing, but you will in a cheaper dress too! This is one of the biggest areas you can save money. Take time and shop around; finding the sales and buying online are also viable options.

Don’t get caught up in the bucket load of advice thrown your way. People love to throw around advice (pretty sure that’s what I’m doing right now…), and at the end of the day it is your wedding, there is no formula that you should follow as long as you are happy with each decision.

As always I hope my little insights into the mad world of wedding planning can make the process a bit easier for you. If you have any more questions for me leave them in the comments! Happy planning!

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