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Exploring Brisbane: Sandgate

Sandgate 1When the New Year comes around I like to set up some goals, you may call them resolutions, I choose not to. I prefer the term goals as it makes them sound more achievable as resolutions are almost expected to fail.

One of my goals for 2016 is to get outside more. I want to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air and start to really explore the local area in and around Brisbane.

However, with good intention comes great excuses and the biggest hurdle to this particular goal is the Queensland summer – humidity, storms and patchy rain. When the clouds come over it is much easier to stay indoors with a book than to venture out. But a small piece of blue sky appeared and gave me hope so I was determined to get outside and chase that sun!

Sandgate 6 Sandgate 7Sandgate is a funky coastal suburb north of Brisbane which still presents itself as a little historical town surrounded by waterfront property. Complete with a town square and a heritage-listed post office converted into a pub it is easy to forget you are still in the city. The most distinguishing feature of Sandgate is its stretch of coastline around Bramble Bay. This walkway is always busy with people running, walking and eating fish and chips.

What I love about visiting Sandgate is the proximity to the city yet how far away from it you feel. I love the water and every chance I get that is where I will head. I strongly believe there is nothing the sea and the salty air cannot cure. A walk along the water’s edge can be just what is needed to escape the daily stress of our busy lifestyles and allow us to start a new week feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Sandgate 2 Sandgate 3 Sandgate 4 Sandgate 5My aim when writing these ‘Exploring Brisbane’ posts is not to tell you what to do but rather to encourage you to get out and explore an area that maybe you haven’t before. I love to treat my own city like a tourist and I find that mindset allows me to appreciate the simple things.

One tip I do have though, after a long walk around the water you are probably feeling a bit thirsty right? Head to Satori Organics for the most delicious vegan smoothie, they even make their own almond milk!


So what are you doing next weekend? Plan a mini adventure and jump in the car and drive somewhere new, try a different café for lunch and get to know the personality of the suburbs.

Let’s explore this city together!

Where should I go next?

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