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2016 End Of Financial Year Goals

Sunset at ShorncliffeI only just remembered that last year I posted my New Financial Year Goals. It was designed to give me the motivation to get back on track with my goals and to overall try and strive to that idea of a more balanced life. Interestingly enough reading through it today – exactly 1 year later, I feel as though I am still in the same place and that some these goals are still things I am working on.

Actually, the feelings overall are the same as last year with the first half of the year having flown by and my house is a mess…ahh how things never change!

So let’s recap.

I was supposed to buy a car.

I didn’t, but I did try. I applied for a small loan and got denied.The most frustrating thing was that they couldn’t tell me why. But this shock gave me a little added motivation to sort out my finances properly. I created an epic budget planner where I track every dollar spent so I can see how much I spend and where I spend it. I also got a new job that came with a higher paycheck. The blessing with this was now I take public transport every day, so had I bought a new car, I would be paying it off while it would be sitting all alone in the garage not being driven. So that actually worked out pretty well!

I was also supposed to stay grounded and not be persuaded by Jetstar’s amazing sales in order to save and pay off my debt.

That did not happen either. So far this year I have flown to Sydney, Cairns, and Melbourne with flights booked to Townsville next month. That was a stupid plan anyway. I have still succeeded in cutting down my debt considerably and am starting to build back up my foundation of savings. So I am pretty happy with this outcome.

My greatest achievement was graduating from uni (again)!

That year of study was hard, but I am so glad I did it (and so glad it is over). Time to move onto the next life challenge!

I was supposed to meal plan.

And to be honest, until about two months ago this was a total fail. BUT this year my brother has been living with us so the 3 of us have been taking it in turns to come up with a weekly menu and to share the cooking. It has been the best thing! The variety of food is great and such and improvement on what it was. We are also doing just 1 big shop per week rather than ducking down every couple of days so the overall dollars spent seems to be down PLUS there are always leftovers for lunch!

I was supposed to relax.

This I think I can tick off! I think it came along with a change in job and therefore routine but I seem to be able to find more time to myself to do the things I love rather than doing the things I don’t. Although maybe that is why my house is such a mess?

The things I am still working on?

Exercise and building up my social media following. They are both things that sound easy but can make you feel exhausted really quickly. They both also have the ability to make you feel good through a sense of accomplishment. I think that is positive for the exercise maybe not so much for the social media…

As for my goals for the next financial year? I am going to keep them pretty simple:

  1. I want to start posting twice a week on my blog. I am really enjoying writing so maybe it’s time to step it up! So what would you like to see more of on Sally’s Lifestyle Journal (or less of!)?
  2. Keep on saving. I still have a goal that I am yet to reach but this time I am not going to set some weird goal to achieve it, rather just practice some good old fashioned smart money-saving techniques to reduce my spending.
  3. Exercise. I’m going to chuck this back on the list because it’s seriously time I start remembering to look after myself.
  4. Focus on the enjoyment in my day to day. Looking for the positives in any situation is something I am trying to make a conscious effort to do at the moment and I want to continue this.
  5. I want to learn more about the wide world of digital marketing. SEO, social media and email are at the top of my list. This will help me both at work and with this blog.

They are pretty broad goals but at least they give me a central point to focus on and something to get me through those harder periods when motivation is low.

Do you like to use the end of financial year to reassess how your year is going? What are some goals you would like to set for yourself?

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