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A Hidden Paradise: Lip Falls, Beechmont

Lip Falls I am starting to think that if I truly want to be a landscape photographer, I am going to have to get a lot fitter! The best things are never easy to find and that was certainly the case with the rewarding hike down and back up the steep path to the spectacular Lip Falls.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I am becoming a little bit obsessed with waterfalls. Time after time, nature will continue to show me something amazing and I am loving trying my best to capture that with my camera. I am also enjoying the time spent outside getting active, and finding a place where I can feel calm and relax.

There are so many beautiful waterfalls around South East Queensland, and while I slowly make my way through the list, I have begun to notice more and more people talking about Lip Falls. What people are saying is that these falls are a photographers paradise, and this once secret spot of the locals is starting to get out. When you stumble upon a place so natural, so peaceful and so spectacular, well you just can’t help but share!

Lip FallsNow I am not going to give the secret away, you will have to do some Google searching yourself to get to this spot because even after looking it up on the map, I almost couldn’t find it! The entrance is hidden, and if you don’t know where you are going then there is a very good chance you may not find it. Leave your car on the side of the road and enter through the Denham Scenic Reserve which is located near Beechmont in the Gold Coast Hinterland, not too far down the road from Killarney Glen. The walk is 4km return and as I mentioned before, it is a pretty steep track that takes you down into the dense forest.

Lip Falls

Lip Falls 2_sml

Lip Falls 3_smlThe few hours spent taking photos, eating lunch, and relaxing mesmerized by the cascading water, is one of the best ways I have spent a Saturday morning. And the best bit? For the entire time, my friend and I had the place to ourselves! What a perfect way to get away from the everyday hustle.

I always want to be learning, and with photography it feel like an endless well of information is waiting for me to absorb but I don’t want to get lost! One of my new year’s resolutions (not that I tend to set many, or be too strict about them) was to practice taking photos of waterfalls in an effort to capture the misty, enchanting images that I see each day on my Instagram feed. While I am not there yet, I am having so much fun and really happy with the results!

Me Lip Falls_smlNext time you are stuck for something to do on the weekend I hope you consider packing a lunch, jumping in the car, and exploring some of the amazing places located just a short drive from Brisbane. There really is so much waiting to be explored!

I want to know, what is your favourite waterfall? Have you visited Lip Falls?

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