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A Quarter Life Crisis

a quarter life crisisEvery day we are bombarded with shows about successful and intelligent young people who seem to get opportunity that the average person can only ever dream of. Instead of finding this inspiring I actually find it causes an opposite reaction. I slow down, mark all my aspirations as impossible and relax waiting to come to terms with the fact that nothing ever changes. I think the problem lies in the fact that I never seem to be able to truly determine what it is that I want. Complacency rears its ugly head and I end up sabotaging myself so that when I don’t achieve I can say that’s because I didn’t really try, because I’m telling you, failure hurts a hell of a lot more when you try.

But there is one thing worse than worrying about not achieving your goals – that’s not having any to begin with. People always talk to me about time. They say I am young with the whole world in front of me; plenty of time, but what exactly am I supposed to do with this time? This is what I call the quarter life crisis. Now older generations are going to shake their heads and say ‘what is there to be in crisis about when you’re in your 20s? You’re young, beautiful and without the responsibility that comes with growing up – it’s the best time of your life’. What I say to that is yes, that is true, but we also have the greatest critic nagging at us to strive for more, to be something greater than we already are, and to always do more than what is expected. That critic is ourselves. But the fact is our ability to succeed does not lie in the hands of fate but in the opportunities we create for ourselves and the chances we take.

So what I say is this. Don’t let that inner critic deter you, make you give up before you even try – use it and it will be your superpower. Enjoy the benefits of being young, having good skin and not having to worry about school fees and mortgages, but also remember that hard work and determination make life a lot more interesting and even if your aspirations are just to aspire to something don’t take the easy way and forget to try because I guarantee you will see your future and it might just be a little boring. Embrace your quarter life crisis and use it to make some new choices – you might actually be surprised at what is achievable!

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    shannon @my2morrows
    January 25, 2016 at 8:12 am

    I agree the quarter life crisis is totally a thing. The 20’s are a confusing time with pressure on you to determine which direction you will take with career, family etc and wanting to travel and explore. All that inner conflict. Great advice though! xx

    • Reply
      January 25, 2016 at 6:29 pm

      So true! Thanks 🙂

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