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Why I’m Not Setting Any New Year’s Resolutions

Since 2017 began, it seems that my Bloglovin’ feed has been filled with bloggers declaring their resolutions for the new year to the world. Putting them out into the universe to try and make themselves accountable. This happens every year and I always react in the same way. So I thought why not share with you those reactions, and why you will never see one of those posts from me.

It’s not that I am cynical to the new year because quite possibly I am the opposite. I do believe that with a new year comes a new start and a chance to hit the reset button. What I don’t believe in is unrealistic expectations that things will be different in the new year just because it is a new year.

Unfortunately we will still face the same struggles as last year. They do not disappear automatically because we change the calendar.

Mooloolaba Beach 2_800I think part of being able to press the reset button is being able to acknowledge the struggles and the lows of the previous year. Things like understanding why you haven’t been maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than saying “I’m going to lose 5kg this year”.

By just declaring things you are not actually making yourself accountable but rather setting yourself up to fail.

Now I am not saying a new year shouldn’t come with goals. I am a huge believer in goals and I always have several in place within the different aspects of my life, be it personal, financial, or professional. I just don’t think resolutions work because they imply that because it is a new year we can change.

Change is an awfully difficult thing to do. To truly make a change requires preparation, planning, and having the tools to actually succeed. It takes more than a feeling of want to facilitate a change, no matter how big or small.

So take the opportunity that the new year brings to kick start yourself. Plan, set goals and understand that these things will evolve and adapt throughout the course of the year. Don’t set unrealistic resolutions that only allow you to fail.

Mooloolaba Beach 1_800As usual, I can only speak from my own experience. But what that has taught me is that this works. Setting goals, starting small and evolving them towards bigger ones allows me to grow and to achieve.

I have set myself a few challenges this year such as POPSUGAR’s 2017 Reading Challenge and completing the Whole30 in February. These assist in reaching bigger goals of broadening my understanding and view of the world through my passion of literature, and taking control of my health and changing my relationship with food for overall well-being.

As long as I try and give it my best I cannot fail those goals.

If you are someone who makes strict resolutions each year and find them difficult to keep, then I challenge you to change your perspective. Think of the why behind your resolutions and then break it down into more manageable goals.

Your why should not be determined by success or by failure. It should just be your motivation to make the changes you want to see in your life; to your health and fitness, to your finances, to your relationships, to your career.

Mooloolaba Beach 3_800Starting a new year is exciting! Don’t start it worrying if you are going to achieve all of those resolutions and what will happen if you fail. Start with a positive outlook, knowing that you will be working towards the bigger picture. Acknowledge that you may slip up, everything may not always go to plan, but you can still keep going. As long as you are trying then you cannot possibly fail. I think you will be amazed at how much you can achieve in a year if you switch your perspective.

So tell me, do you set new year’s resolutions? Or do you prefer to work to smaller goals throughout the year? How do you choose to embrace the fresh start that the new year brings?

The photos in this post were taken at Mooloolaba Beach, Queensland.

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