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A little life update

So I think I just accidentally took the biggest break from my blog in my almost three years. I have only posted twice in the last 7 weeks, and this one was already written so all I actually did was hit publish! It certainly wasn’t intentional, but I think it was necessary. I wasn’t burnt out as such but there were so many little things that required my attention that I had to loosen my grip on something. Much to my disappointment, this blog just happened to be the casualty.

Eight Forest Lane is my outlet and my enjoyment. Throughout the last month of not writing, I have literally felt a part of me missing. I wanted to write but couldn’t. I have dealt with writer’s block earlier this year, but this was different. It wasn’t that I couldn’t write, it was just that I did not have the spare energy to actually put in the time and effort. And for that reason I needed to accept the fact that I needed this break.

When I unveiled the new name of this blog, I had grand plans to put more time and effort into making this space one that is engaging, relatable, and hopefully a little helpful. But directly following that we started house hunting for a new rental property. This time we wanted a place that we could make our home until maybe we are financially ready to look at buying (side note, why are houses so expensive?). Suddenly we were packing and getting organised.

Over the weekend we made the move into a place that feels comfortable. It is really exciting and I love the change that it will bring. It is light and bright, our neighbours are friendly and there is a mango tree in the backyard. It is all very suburban. The first hurdle however is that I cannot get the oven to work! Hopefully that gets sorted very quickly as I need to get back into baking!

While in the process of signing the lease, I also faced a change at work. My team was restructured and I found myself with a new boss, a few extra responsibilities and a move in office location. It all happened really quickly so it took a few weeks trying to settle in and find my feet. I feel I am getting there now and and I am loving only working a few blocks away from my husband meaning no more public transport as we can carpool! Seriously guys, you have to take the little wins in life 🙂

Sometimes we have to take a break from the things we love in order to be able to re-prioritise. This break has shown me how much I want to continue to write and also how much of a part of my life it has actually become.

So I wanted to write this post today to say that I have not forgotten my little slice of the internet, but rather I just needed some time to process and work through a few big life changes. As I continue to settle into my new routine, I will be back on track with my weekly posts! If you have any questions you want answered, or any topics you want addressed, please comment or email me so I can write a blog post! I am always looking for inspiration.

Have you ever taken a break from something you loved? How did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments!

Sally x

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