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Christmas Craft – Ribbon Wreath

ribbon wreathAfter feeling the need to get creative over the Christmas season I found my self scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. What I found was a lot of people making festive wreaths using ribbon. I hadn’t seen this before and automatically this stamped its place in my mind as a must do!

After working out that basically all I needed was a wire wreath frame and some ribbon I decided this would be a totally achievable task to feed my need to accomplish something while hiding in my air conditioned apartment wondering if a storm will or will not come and break through the humidity!

I headed out to Spotlight in search of the wire frame and was successful, however their ribbon supply was somewhat underwhelming. A quick side stop at the local cheap shop provide many more options. Deciding to stick to the traditional Christmas colour combination I grabbed some red, silver and 2 shades of green. I also selected different widths to provide some textural variation.

With not much to go on but a few pictures I decided to just start and see what happened! I quickly realised that this was going to use a lot more ribbon than previously planned. I raided the left over craft supplies from my wedding and came up with 3 styles of white ribbon. Perfect.

Alternating colours I began tying bows around the outside wire. I also cut up smaller pieces and tied them to the inner two wires of the frame to fill it out. Needing a finishing touch I grabbed some red fabric I had laying around and made a rustic bow and attached it with some wire.

ribbon wreath step 1

wribbon wreath step 2wribbon wreath step 3ribbon wreath step 4And that’s it – a Sunday achievement complete!

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