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Tourist vs Traveller – Why I Travel

planeMy list of destinations is slowly growing, but with each new place I visit the list of places I wish to see seems to get longer.

I am not well travelled, but I would like to be.

The first time I travelled overseas was also the first time I had been on a plane. I was 19 and lead with the desire to explore the world with minimal money and not really any expectations.

Like most things my now husband and I choose to do, I think we chose Fiji on a whim as it offered beauty and relaxation which to us seemed like what a holiday should be. It was also cheap.

fijiLanding in Nadi I couldn’t help think how different familiar things looked. A little bit nervous but full of excitement I watched this new world go by on our way to the hotel. Crossing over onto Denarau Island the landscape changed from wild untouched land to rich resort. Immediately I wanted to go back to the other side of the bridge. This was the moment I realised I didn’t want a holiday, I wanted to travel.

My favourite part of the trip was the day tour we took through the island to a remote village. It opened up my eyes to a world very different to everything I had seen before and I wanted more.

It took a while to get to the next adventure but I say determination took us to America.

I’m not sure we could ever truly could afford that trip but I wasn’t going to let that stop us. Rigorous saving paid off and without hesitation we landed in New York City ready to take on the world.

Getting lost in Manhattan is still one of the best things I’ve done.

new york viewOur next trip was planned before we even got home.It was going to be our honeymoon and Europe was calling.

Fate and circumstance led us to France and the allure of foreign culture, food and love took us to Italy.

franceThis was our first experience in a country where language became another new challenge we had to find our way around. Never underestimate your ability to communicate with actions, it got us a long way!

A few times in France and Italy we jumped aboard buses and utilised tour company’s to take us to destinations outside of the city we where staying in. They were used more as a means of transport allowing us to include more destinations along our way.

Still my favourite part of any trip is the first day in a new city, no other plans than to walk and explore. The first thing I pack is a good pair of walking shoes!

florenceSmall tours have given me the means and opportunity to see more places, however they always leave a feeling of not having seen something through my own eyes. You are taken places rather than left to find them.

So maybe it is not the types of destinations that you visit but rather the difference in your own experience that might provide the definition of tourist versus traveller.

Many more adventures are on the horizon and the next stop is Queenstown, New Zealand.

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