AU to US Kitchen Conversions

Making new recipes has never been easier as any and all recipes are available at our fingertips through the magic that is Google. But one thing I noticed, and that ultimately lead me to create my blog, was that as an Australian, many of the new recipes I wanted to try included ingredients and measurements that I was not familiar with.

For this reason, you will find that the recipes I publish use metric measurements and Australian language. If you are a visitor from the US, I wanted to make interpreting my recipes easier for you so I put this handy conversion guide together. It is something I wish I had when using American recipe sites as it would have saved so much time googling conversions and ingredient alternatives.

Aussie friends, bookmark this page. I guarantee it will come in handy the next time you are wanting to convert a recipe from US to AU measurements.

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Quick Unit Converter
Cups Around The World
1 Cup Weight Conversions
Oven Temperatures

Quick Unit Converter

For the most basic of conversions, choose your unit type such as weight, and easily convert grams to ounces.


There are many products in Australia that are the same in the States, but happen to go buy a slightly different name. Here are a few of the key ones, especially when it comes to baking!

Plain FlourAll Purpose Flour
Bicarbonate of SodaBaking Soda
Icing Sugar Mixture*Confectioners’ Sugar / Powdered Sugar
White SugarGranulated Sugar
Caster SugarSuper-fine Sugar

* The most common form of icing sugar used in Australian baking is icing sugar mixture. Which is finely powdered sugar with a small percentage of cornflour added. You can also buy pure icing sugar here however it is prone to going rock hard in the pantry which is why the mixture is generally preferred.

Measuring Cups Around the World

Cups are a different volume around the world.

Country1 Cup
New Zealand250ml
US240 ml

As you can see, the US is close enough that standard measurements between Australian and US recipes will be fine. The UK however will need to apply conversions when making recipes from either the US or Australia.

1 cup = What?

Different ingredients have different weights therefore when wanting to measure 1 cup in weight, the ingredient type needs to be considered. Here are some common ingredient weights.

Ingredient per 1 cupWeight
Plain or SR Flour125g
White or Caster Sugar220g
Brown Sugar, lightly packed155g
Icing Sugar155g
Rolled Oats90g
Butter or Margarine250g


Liquids are usually measured in millilitres here in Australia, and fluid ounces in the US. But what happens when you don’t have a measuring cup that has millilitres or fluid ounces? This table takes into account regular cups as well.

30ml1 fl oz
60ml¼ cup2 fl oz
80ml⅓ cup2 ¾ fl oz
100ml3 ½ fl oz
125ml½ cup4 fl oz
150ml5 fl oz
180ml¾ cup6 fl oz
200ml7 fl oz
250ml1 cup8 ¾ fl oz
310ml1 ¼ cups10 ½ fl oz
375ml1 ½ cups13 fl oz
430ml1 ¾ cups15 fl oz
475ml16 fl oz
500ml2 cups17 fl oz
625ml2 ½ cups21 ½ fl oz
750ml3 cups26 fl oz
1L4 cups35 fl oz

Oven Temperatures


Note that if you are using a fan-forced oven, cooking times will be quicker so start checking your food earlier than the recipe specifies.