“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale” Hans Christian Andersen

About Sally - Eight Forest LaneHi, I’m Sally & welcome to Eight Forest Lane!

I am a Brisbane based writer, photographer & storyteller with one very simple mission – to enjoy and experience the wonder in everyday life and encourage others to do the same. Join me as I share my stories about everything I love from exploring new places and new recipes, to thoughts on books and life in general.

Growing up I always had a love for reading and writing. In primary school the librarian would keep aside the good books for me (yes, I was a super cool kid), and there was never a time in my life when I didn’t have some form of diary to compile my thoughts, ideas, and goals. This all lead me to create a blog as a way to incorporate my passions and share my stories and adventures as I make my way through life. Formally known as Sally’s Lifestyle Journal, Eight Forest Lane is the new face of a blog that has evolved over the last 3 years. With a crisp new brand, this space becomes less about me, and more about how I can share and help you through my experiences.

You can read more about my decision to change the name here: Welcome to Eight Forest Lane

I grew up in a little country town in New South Wales and moved to Brisbane when I was 19 with my now Husband Jarryd, where it has become our adopted home. We have come to love the relaxed city vibes and enjoy weekends spent exploring the amazing places just down the road. It really is a beautiful part of the world and one that I am happy to return home to.

When I was 21, after feeling quite ill for several months, I found out I was allergic to dairy. It is not super serious (I won’t die), but enough that even a small amount can make me feel very sick and unwell for days. Being someone who loved everything dairy and a self-confessed cheese addict, it was the worst news to find out my favourites foods were making me sick. Since then I have reignited a childhood passion for baking and cooking and if I am not spending my weekend outdoors you can guarantee there is something in my oven or bubbling away on the stove!

About Sally - Eight Forest LaneIn case you’re still interested, here are some more random facts about me:

  1. My favourite colour is green but sometimes I forget and think that it’s purple.
  2. I love watching repeats of TV shows.
  3. I absolutely love all Italian food (and wine).
  4. I am most relaxed when I am near the water.
  5. I have a passion for Victorian Literature (#teamausten) .

So whether at home in my kitchen or outside exploring the world around me, I really just want to try and make each day amazing and I hope you will too. So grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and stay a while.

Feel free to say hey, you can usually find me on either Facebook or Instagram, or send me an email at sally@eightforestlane.com

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About Sally - Eight Forest Lane

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